Go green! Visit Waipā, Kauaʻi, to discover the science of life-giving water.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What is groundwater? What is surface water?

2) Why were the big rocks placed in the middle of the river, and who put them there?

3) How does drinking water get to our faucets?

4) “Wai” and “kai” both mean water. What is the difference between these two words?

5) What role do we as humans play in the water cycle?

6) Why does ʻAnakē Stacey use an oli to express her feelings about wai?


Video Vocabulary

1) ahupuaʻa
a land division

2) māno wai
head water or dam where stream water is diverted into ʻauwai

3) loʻi
a wet land kalo patch

4) ʻauwai
irrigation channels that feed loʻi

5) wai

6) kai
salt water, ocean water

7) ma uka
the uplands, the central part of an island

8) fresh water lens
an underground pool of freshwater

9) evaporated
for a liquid to turn into a gas

10) oli
traditional Hawaiian chant


Guiding Questions