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Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What does makaʻāinana mean?

2) What are examples of work makaʻāinana would do?

3) Would you and your family members be considered makaʻāinana? Explain why or why not.

4) How is daily living different for makaʻāinana compared with aliʻi, or rulers?

5) If there were more leaders than workers, what would happen?

6) Why are makaʻāinana important?

7) How do we continue to benefit from the makaʻāinana of the past?

8) If you could choose a favorite makaʻāinana task or responsibility, what would it be? How would you create abundance like a makaʻāinana?


Video Vocabulary

1) kōnane
game of wit and strategy that uses a stone or wooden board and colored pebbles

2) moku
a large land division such as Waiʻanae or ʻEwa on Oʻahu

3) e nā haumāna, ʻanoʻai ke aloha
dear students, greetings of love

4) makaʻāinana
people of the land; workers of the land

5) aliʻi

6) kāhuna

7) pūʻali koa

8) lāʻī
ti leaf

9) loʻi
an irrigated patch for growing kalo

10) kauhale
group of houses

11) society
a community of people living in a certain area and sharing common traditions, laws, and organizations

12) vessels

13) hale

14) abundance
a very large amount of something

15) tending
caring for

16) lepo

17) labor force
all the people of an organization or population who are able to work

18) hale

19) kahua

20) kahua hale
house foundation

21) visual metaphor
an image used in place of another to suggest a similarity between them, to make a statement, or to express an idea

22) kaupaku

23) symbiotic relationship
a special interaction that is crucial to those in the relationship and that creates a balance only achievable by cooperation

24) me ke aloha nō e nā makaʻāinana
much love for you, makaʻāinana

25) noʻu ka hauʻoli
the pleasure is mine

26) mahalo a nui
much thanks


Guiding Questions