Mahi 'ai

Strong lands, strong people. Visit Wailua, Maui, to learn about Hawaiian farming.

Unit lesson

Mahi ʻAi

Video Questions

1) What is kalo? What is a loʻi kalo? What is a kuleana?

2) Why does somebody need to take care of the ʻāina? Do things grow automatically?

3) A mahi ʻai, or farmer, supports his family and village by taking care of the ʻāina. Do you know any mahi ʻai? What is their lifestyle?

4) What is the difference between kalo farming and wheat or corn farming in the United States? Why does ʻAnakala Kyle consider his hands to be a tool?

5) ʻAnakala Kyle’s grandparents and their grandparents gifted the ʻāina to him, and he is now farming it. What kinds of things have been passed to you form your parents and grandparents? What is your responsibility in taking care of those things?

6) Think about your home or yard. Is there a place where you could plant fruits or vegetables? On a piece of paper, draw a plan for a small garden. Then talk with your family about planting and taking care of fruits or vegetables.


Video Vocabulary

1) ke ao mālama
time of enlightenment, knowledge

2) predestined
arranged or determined in advance

3) mahi ʻai
to work, farm; strong

4) kuleana land
land given by the aliʻi to a caretaker

5) national agenda
the important issues and focus of the people and government

6) economics
the system of producing goods and service to meet the needs of the community

7) loʻi
wetland kalo garden

8) lima

9) kua

10) ʻūhā

11) huki

12) ʻai
kalo, food

13) wailua
spirit, soul


Guiding Questions