Time for huaka‘i! Take a journey to Wai‘anae, O‘ahu, to learn more about Lono.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) Who is Lono?

2) Why is the akua Lono associated with abundance?

3) Hoʻoilo (winter) is a season for resting and recovering. What kinds of activities do you do in hoʻoilo? In what ways are you able to reconnect with your ʻohana during the rainy season?

4) What is the difference between ʻAnakala Kapono’s huakaʻi around the Oʻahu and the traditional journey around the moku?

5) Walking around an entire island is difficult and takes a lot of time. Has this experience been worth it for Kapono? Why or why not? What was his self-discovery?

6) Lono is a reminder of excellence, abundance, and gratitude. Think about some of the things that have happened in your own life, and write a short story about how excellence, abundance, and gratitude are present in your family.


Video Vocabulary

1) ancestor
a forefather, a relative that you are descended from

2) akua
a god

3) abundance
having plenty

4) coincide
to occur at the same time

5) huakaʻi
a trip or journey

6) circuit
a circular path

7) moku
a large division of land, a district

8) naʻau
internal organs, guts

9) kaulana
famous, well known

10) alaloa
a main road around an island

11) wahi

12) gratitude
thanks, appreciation

13) waiwai
wealth, something of value

14) mālama
to care for or take care of something

15) conviction
a firmly held belief


Guiding Questions