Kaʻieʻiewaho beckons! Come to Wailua for a huakaʻi around the beautiful island of Kauaʻi.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) Where is Kauaʻi located?

2) What are some of the features that make Kauaʻi unique?

3) Waiʻaleʻale, Kauaʻi’s tallest mountain, is considered the piko, or center of the island. Its rippling waters give life to the land below. Do you know where your water comes from? Can you name the mountains and rivers that are near your home?

4) How many districts are on Kauaʻi? What is Mānā known for? What is famous in Nāpali? Why are district names like Kona and Koʻolau found on several islands?

5) Women used to go to sacred places like Holoholokū to give birth. Does this still happen today? Do you think there should be special places set aside for birthing?

6) ʻAnakē Keola refers to Kauaʻi as “Kauaʻi o Manokalanipō.” How could you learn more about what this name means? Who are the people in your family or your classroom you can go to when you have a question about Hawaiian names and words?


Video Vocabulary

1) huakaʻi
journey, trip

2) ahupuaʻa
land division usually stretching from the mountain into the sea

3) kahawai

4) wahi pana
sacred or storied place

5) heiau
a place of worship in traditional Hawaiian religion

6) hānau
birth, give birth


Guiding Questions