Get centered! Visit Kealaikahiki to learn about Kahoʻolawe's unique position in the islands.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) Where is Kahoʻolawe situated in the Hawaiian Islands? Why is its location unique?

2) What three things was Kahoʻolawe best known for in traditional times?

3) Kahoʻolawe was once a place where navigators prepared for long-distance voyaging by learning to read the stars. In your life today, what are some places where you learn to read and prepare for your future?

4) What were the two major things that caused damage to Kahoʻolawe? Which was more harmful to the island’s ecology?

5) Do you think an island should be used for bombing practice? Why or why not?

6) These days, people don’t live on Kahoʻolawe Island, but small groups are allowed to visit for cultural practices and reforestation projects. If you were to make a sign that everybody who came to Kahoʻolawe would have to read, what would it say?


Video Vocabulary

1) koholā

2) naiʻa

3) Kanaloa
one of the four main Hawaiian gods

4) latitude
a measure of how far north or south a place is on the Earth's surface

5) navigation
to determine and direct the course of a vessel

6) sanctuary
a place of safety, a safe haven

7) adze
a stone tool similar to an ax

8) quarry
a place where stone is mined or extracted

9) ordnance
weapons and amunition

10) hewa

11) reforest
planting trees to increase or replace lost forest environment

12) hālau
a school, a place for learning


Guiding Questions