Ever seen an ancient waterway? Come to Hālawa, Molokaʻi, to learn more.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What is an ʻauwai?

2) How does the ʻauwai system use gravity to move water from one place to another?

3) The ʻauwai system brings freshwater to the loʻi kalo, or wetland taro patches. How do people irrigate their crops today?

4) What is the difference between an ʻauwai and a kahawai? Why would the water be more clear and calm in the ʻauwai?

5) How long has the land been in Kawaʻa’s ʻohana? What happens when land exchanges hands a lot of times? Is this a good thing or a bad thing for Hawaiʻi?

6) Pretend you live in a place without faucets and running water. How would you bring water to your house? Make a diagram that illustrates the water flow.


Video Vocabulary

1) kamaliʻi
young children

2) ʻauwai
man made irrigation channel

3) poʻo ʻauwai
place in the river where some of the water is diverted into ʻauwai

4) ma uka
upland, inland, towards the mountain


Guiding Questions