What is the source of Hawaiian innovation and success? Visit Hāna, Maui, to learn about aliʻi.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What is an aliʻi?

2) Why are aliʻi so highly esteemed?

3) Piʻilanihale is a heiau, or place of worship, for an aliʻi named Piʻilani. What are some other places that are associated with rulers of the past?

4) How do leaders in today’s society differ from aliʻi of the past?

5) If you knew an aliʻi, how would you show your respect?

6) Who has the authority to lead and make decisions in your classroom? In your school? In your household?


Video Vocabulary

1) nā hono aʻo Piʻilani
the bays of Piʻilani

2) heiau
a place of worship in traditional Hawaiian religion

3) aliʻi
chief, royal, ruler

4) populace
the general public, laypeople

5) mana
spiritual or divine power

6) genealogy
family tree or lineage

7) kuleana
responsibility or privilege

8) aliʻi nui
high chief

9) piʻi lani
climb, ascend to the heavens

10) resources
useful materials occurring or growing in nature

11) honua
the land, the earth

12) appropriate
fitting, correct


Guiding Questions