ʻAi pono

Fit for life! Come to Kalamaʻula, Molokaʻi, to learn about ʻai pono.

Unit lesson

ʻAi Pono

Video Questions

1) What does ʻai pono mean?

2) Why is it important to eat well?

3) Are school lunches healthy? What is the healthiest food you eat? If you wanted to eat healthier, what kinds of things would you need to change?

4) What are some differences between the food people ate in old Hawaiʻi and what we eat today?

5) What do you think would happen if you decided to eat only healthy foods? Would this make things hard for your friends or family?

6) Create a menu of healthy foods for you and your family. Share the menu with the person who does most of the shopping and cooking. Talk about how the menu might be used in your household.


Video Vocabulary

No vocabulary for this video


Guiding Questions