Hawaiian weaving is here to stay. Visit Hilo, Hawai‘i, to learn about ulana lau hala.

Unit lesson

Ulana Lau Hala

Video Questions

1) What does ulana lau hala mean? What materials are used?

2) What kinds of things can you make with lau hala?

3) Would you like to use moena (floor mats) at your house instead of carpets or rugs? Why or why not?

4) What is special about traditional Hawaiian pillows? What makes Hawaiian fish baskets different from other styles in the Pacific?

5) Why has ulana lau hala endured from ancient to modern times?

6) Cut some paper into strips and practice weaving different shapes and patterns. Use hala leaves if possible.


Video Vocabulary

1) plait
to make a mat by interlocking strips of material

2) migrate
usually a long distance move from one place to another place to live

3) relevant
important to us

4) coil
concentric ring or spirals, similar to a spring

5) apolima

6) pāpale

7) ʻōlelo
Hawaiian language


Guiding Questions