Uhauhumu pōhaku 2

Rock on! Learn about Hawaiian stone masonry at Kaloko and Keauhou, Hawaiʻi.

Video Questions

1) What is a niho stone, and how heavy is it?

2) Why did the builders gather stones at low tide?

3) What happens to a sacred site, like a heiau, if it is not taken care of for many years?

4) How are today’s calendars different from the calendar method of the Hāpai Aliʻi heiau?

5) In today’s fast-paced world, how important is it to learn and use Hawaiian building techniques from the past?

6) In the neighborhood and town where you live, are there any stone structures made from the uhauhumu pōhaku method of drystacking (no cement)? Are the structures intact? What are the advantages of using this method?


Video Vocabulary

No vocabulary for this video