Pā'ani 'ālapa

It's playtime! Learn about pāʻani ʻālapa at Nāʻiwa, Molokaʻi.

Unit lesson

Pāʻani ʻĀlapa

Video Questions

1) What are some traditional Hawaiian activities during Makahiki?

2) Why is it important to take a break from work and enjoy sports and recreation?

3) How could a sport like paddling help you develop skills for everyday life?

4) How is pā uma different from arm wrestling?

5) If you could compete in games of wit, strength, or endurance, which would you choose? Why?

6) What could you do to at school or in your neighborhood to get more people to play ʻulu maika, kōnane, uma, pā uma, hukihuki, and hākā moa?


Video Vocabulary

1) ulu maika
a game similar to bowling using a disc-shaped stone

2) accuracy
ability to aim and hit the target, to be precise and not miss

3) makahiki
traditional Hawaiian ceremony for harvest and the new year

4) wit
clever, intelligent

5) hākā moa
from hakakā ā moa, fighting like a chicken, a wrestling game

6) uma
hand wrestling while laying down

7) pā uma
a standing hand wrestling game

8) hukihuki
tug of war

9) loʻi
an irrigated patch for growing kalo

10) pāʻani ʻālapa
athletic games


Guiding Questions