ʻŌiwi 2

Anyone need a little "taropy"? Come to Hilo, Hawaiʻi, to learn about ʻōiwi artwork.

Video Questions

1) What does ʻōiwi mean?

2) Why does ʻAnakala Craig say that we need to understand our connection to taro?

3) ʻAnakala Craig says, “There’s always something you’re good at.” What are some things you’re good at? How do you want to use those skills in your future?

4) What makes ʻAnakala Craig’s ʻōiwi designs different from other t-shirts you might see at other stores?

5) How do the visual arts influence the way you see the world? Is art a good way to address social issues? Why or why not?

6) Create a t-shirt design that includes words and illustration. What would you put on the front? What about the back and the sleeves? Would your design be funny or serious?


Video Vocabulary

No vocabulary for this video


Guiding Questions