There are almost a million people on Oʻahu . . . but how much do we know about this special island? Come to Waikīkī to learn more.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) How many moku, or districts, does Oʻahu have?

2) Why are there so many place names on Oʻahu that start with “wai” (water)?

3) If you were to visit the different kaulana (famous) place on Oʻahu, what would be the best way to get around? Can you go anywhere you like? Are there people you know who could give you guidance?

4) What areas of Oʻahu are the driest, and which are the wettest? Has it always been this way? Why would a place with an abundant water supply become dry over time?

5) Why do you think Oʻahu has become the most populated island of Ka Pae ʻĀina? Is the growth of cities and commerce is a good thing? Why or why not?

6) Find a map of Oʻahu and look at the names of different places. Are the names in Hawaiian or English? See if you can figure out the older names of places like Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, and Chinaman’s Hat.


Video Vocabulary

1) monarchy
a government led by one person who holds all the governing power

2) district
a large section of land

3) wai

4) ma uka
towards to mountains, upland, inland

5) leina a ka ʻuhane
place where spirits leap into the afterlife

6) i ka wā kahiko
in the old days

7) ‘aumakua
family guardians who appear in different nature forms

8) kai

9) loa

10) poko

11) kaulana


Guiding Questions