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Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) How did Uncle Tommy describe lua?

2) What are things we all can learn from lua, whether or not we actively participate in it?

3) Having discipline means having self-control to do what is needed. What are some activities you do that require discipline, like learning to play an instrument, cleaning your room, or studying for a test? How do you maintain discipline so that the activity gets done well?

4) Having discipline also means doing the right thing, even if it’s the harder thing to do. Imagine you are in class and your friends are telling jokes while the teacher is talking. They say it’s your turn to tell a joke. How would you show good discipline in this situation? What can you do to better the situation?

5) Part of lua involves being in service to others. How do you help your family, friends, and teachers? Can you think of more ways to help others?

6) Lua reminds us about the importance of balance, so that things are stable and won’t topple over. Practice your physical balance by standing on one foot as long as you can. Time yourself and see if you can beat your time every day. When your body is balanced, you don’t fall down. The same is true for other aspects of life. The more balance we have, the better our lives are. Do you eat a good balance of fruits, vegetables, protein, and starch? Do you have a good balance of indoor and outdoor play?


Video Vocabulary

1) ʻōlohe
an expert in Hawaiian lua martial arts

2) rigorous
thorough, extensive

3) discipline
controlled behavior resulting from training


Guiding Questions