Where can you see five Hawaiian Islands from one vantage point? Join Sol Kahoʻohalahala to learn about the special places of Lānaʻi.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) Where is Lanaʻi located?

2) Which other islands can you see from Lānaʻi?

3) From the summit of the island, at Lānaʻihale, you can see five islands. Why would it be helpful to be able to see multiple islands from one location?

4) On Lānaʻi, the island flower is pronounced “kaunoʻa,” but in other places people say “kaunaʻoa.” Why are some words pronounced differently from island to island?

5) If you were visiting another island and heard a word pronounced differently from the way you learned it, what would you do? Should you say it the way they do, or should you try to correct them? Why or why not?

6) ʻAnakala Sol chants before telling about the places of Lānaʻi. Besides chanting, what are some other ways of showing respect for the place you live?


Video Vocabulary

1) oli
to chant

2) kaunaʻoa
the dodder vine

3) kaunoʻa
Lānaʻi name for kaunaʻoa

4) kupa o ka ʻāina
a native person, long attached to their place

5) Tūtū
a nickname for grandparent

6) puʻu

7) summit
top of a mountain


Guiding Questions