In Hawaiʻi, the forest is a sacred place. Come to Waimea to learn about Laka.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What did ʻAnakē Pua do as she entered the forest and as she finished her lesson?

2) Why do hula dancers adorn themselves with flowers, leaves, and vines from the forest?

3) Do you ever go to the forest to pick flowers or plants to make lei? How can you show proper respect for the forests—the realm of Laka?

4) ʻAnakē Pua describes the meaning of the kuahu, or altar. What is similar about the kuahu and the clothing and adornments ʻAnakē Pua is wearing? What is different?

5) What type of feeling do you have when ʻAnakē Pua is chanting? How are you supposed to behave when someone is chanting or performing Hawaiian protocol?

6) ʻAnakē Pua says Laka is the queen of the forest, the spirit of hula, the creator of movement. Draw or paint a picture that incorporates these images.


Video Vocabulary

1) sentinel
a guard or watchman

2) acknowledge
to recognize or accept

3) domain
area, territory, purview

4) adornment
clothing, decorations, ornaments

5) embody
represent or stand for

6) sacred
greatly respected, holy

7) harmony

8) adorn
decorate or beautify


Guiding Questions