Don't leaf yet! Learn about the many uses of plants in Hāna, Maui.

Unit lesson

Lāʻau & Holoholona

Video Questions

1) What is mulch, and what is it used for?

2) Why is the Hawaiian kamani tree special? What is unique about its wood?

3) What is inside a kukui nut, and what can you use it for?

4) Which plants are for eating? Which have healing properties? Which are good for shelter and clothing?

5) In today’s world, why is it important to know about Hawaiian plants and their uses?

6) What are some plants on the school grounds that could be used for food, healing, or other purposes?


Video Vocabulary

1) pōloli

2) maiʻa

3) niu


5) lāʻī
ti leaf

6) kapa
bark cloth

7) imu
earth oven

8) mulch
material that is spread on top of soil to stop erosion and conserve moisture

9) ʻinamona
kukui nut relish often used in poke, raw fish dishes

10) ʻawa
the ʻawa plant, or a drink made from its root


Guiding Questions