Get ready to be transformed. Visit Nuʻuanu, Oʻahu, to learn more about kupua.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What is a kupua?

2) Where do kupua get their special powers?

3) In the comic books, movies, tv shows, and videos games you’re familiar with, which characters might be considered kupua?

4) What is the difference between Kamapuaʻa, Maui, and moʻo? What makes each of them unique?

5) In some of the old moʻolelo, or stories, a kupua might punish someone for not showing proper respect for a certain place or custom. Is this action justified? Why or why not?

6) If you could transform into something else, what would it be? Use a computer or phone to change a photo of yourself into a different form.


Video Vocabulary

1) entity
a being

2) makaʻāinana
people, the general populace

3) punish
to penalize someone (by subjecting them to pain, loss, confinement, etc.) for some wrongdoing


Guiding Questions