Kuku kapa

How do you turn a plant into kapa cloth? Come to Hanalei, Kauaʻi, to find out.

Unit lesson

Kuku Kapa

Video Questions

1) What is kapa made out of?

2) How is Hawaiian kapa made? Why is it better to pound the pieces together instead of gluing them with pia?

3) Based on the video, do you think kapa is fragile or durable? How come?

4) What are the different tools used for kuku kapa? What are they made of, and what is their function?

5) Would you rather have a large piece of store-bought kapa or a small piece of real Hawaiian kapa? Why?

6) If you were to make a kapa skirt for all the students in your class, how much time do you think it would take? How many wauke plants would you need? Are there places nearby where wauke could grow?


Video Vocabulary

1) kuku kapa
the process of making bark cloth

2) kapa
bark cloth, blanket

3) kumu
teacher, source

4) hohoa
a rounded kapa beater

5) kua
the kapa anvil that the kapa is made on

6) niho manō
shark tooth

7) pāʻū
a skirt


Guiding Questions