Learning about Kū is cool! Join us at Kapālama, Oʻahu.

Unit lesson

Video Questions

1) Where can manifestations of Kū be seen?

2) Why are ʻAnakala Kamanaʻopono and Keola standing under an ʻulu tree?

3) What are some lessons we can learn from the story of Kū and the ʻulu tree?

4) Kū is an akua, or god, associated with governance and farming. What are some of his other important traits?

5) One aspect of Kū is to strive for excellence. How should you act if you want to do things in a better way on the playground or in the classroom?

6) ʻAnakala Kamanaʻopono is shown chanting in front of Kū images. What are some other ways to show respect for religious and spiritual traditions?


Video Vocabulary

1) hua

2) haumāna

3) kamaliʻi
young child

4) famine
a time of extreme food shortage

5) politics
the relationships and activities associated with government

6) governance
the control or authority to rule

7) ancestor
a distant relative that someone is descended from

8) attributes
a quality, trait, or characteristic

9) rituals
formal religious ceremony

10) persevere
to persist, continue, keep going

11) motivation
a reason or inspiration

12) determination
to be sure and firm in your belief or purpose


Guiding Questions