What gives order to our society? Visit Keauhou, Hawaiʻi, to learn about kapu.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What does kapu mean?

2) Where are ʻAnakē Kēhau and ʻAnakala Keola? Why are they whispering?

3) Kapu provide boundaries and guidelines for appropriate behavior. Does your school have any special rules to help keep order? What are some rules at your home?

4) After the death of Kamehameha, there were two opposing views about kapu. Who were the key aliʻi, and what was the difference between their views?

5) Kapu still play a part in how we take care of the environment. Should some of the old kapu be more prevalent in Hawaiʻi today? Why or why not?

6) Sometimes conflict happens when one side wants to uphold traditions and the other side wants to try something new. Talk with a grandparent or other kupuna to discuss how to balance the old with the new. Are both needed? To what extent? What happens when people don’t agree?


Video Vocabulary

1) kapu
law, rules, regulations

2) haumāna

3) wela

4) sacred
dedicated to a god or goddess; having a special role or meaning in religion

5) aliʻi
chief, ruler

6) aspects
features, characteristics

7) iwi kupuna
bones of ancestors


Guiding Questions