Travel the world . . . but bring the wealth back to Hawaiʻi. Visit Honokanaiʻa, Kahoʻolawe, to learn about navigation, discovery, and Kanaloa.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) Which of the Hawaiian Islands is associated with Kanaloa? What does Honokanaiʻa mean?

2) Kanaloa has several kinolau, or body forms. What are some of them?

3) Think about a time in your life when you visited a new place. When you came back home, did you share what you had learned with your family and friends? If so, how?

4) What is the difference between Kanaloa’s ocean forms and his bird forms? In what ways are these kinolau similar?

5) Why is it important for a person who leaves Hawaiʻi to bring the wealth of information and experience back home to the islands?

6) Some people know Kanaloa as one of the four main Hawaiian akua, or gods. How does this video complement that understanding?


Video Vocabulary

1) kupaianaha

2) ke ao moana
the ocean realm, the sea

3) mele inoa
a name song, a song to praise someone or something

4) ancestor
a relative you are descended from

5) utilize
to use something

6) navigator
the person in charge of way finding, or plotting the course of the journey

7) ʻaweʻawe

8) traversed
to travel, to crossover something

9) Aotearoa
New Zealand

10) migrate
to move from one place to another

11) nourishment
food, sustenance, something needed for growth

12) peʻa

13) sonar
SOund Navigation And Ranging, also echolocation; emitting sound and listening for its echo for navigation and detecting objects

14) commonality
a trait of feature that is shared by two things

15) affiliated
linked or allied together

16) navigate
to find the route, to wayfind

17) pertain
related to or connected to

18) instinct
a strong natural drive or feeling

19) intellect
a person's mental ability, brainpower

20) inspiration
something that motivates and encourages

21) resources
materials that man finds valuable or has use for


Guiding Questions