Need a refresher? Come to the water's edge in Anahola, Kauaʻi, to learn more about kai.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What does kai mean? How far does the kai go?

2) What are some Hawaiian practices related to the ocean and ocean water?

3) What are some of your favorite ocean activities?

4) In Hawaiʻi there are different words to describe different kinds of water and different parts of the ocean. What is the difference between kai, wai, lihikai, ʻāpapa, kai heʻe nalu, and kai uli?

5) Why is it important to mālama i ke kai, or take care of the ocean?

6) Think of your favorite beach and draw a picture of it. Include labels for different parts of the kai. Where are the tide pools? Where are the surf spots? Where are the best places for swimming?


Video Vocabulary

1) paʻakai

2) hiʻuwai
a ceremonial bathing in the ocean

3) cleanse
to clean something

4) impurities
any wrong or bad feelings

5) ʻino
bad or hurtful

6) tributaries
streams that come together and feed into a larger body of water

7) ceremonial
relating to a traditional or formal practice, where you must be careful to do things the right way

8) ʻuhane
soul or spirit

9) kino

10) lihikai
area of land just inland from the shoreline

11) kāheka

12) ʻāpapa
shallow, flat area of reef or coral in the ocean

13) kai heʻe nalu
surfing sea, where the surfing takes place

14) kai uli
the deep blue sea


Guiding Questions