The eyes follow the hands. Come to Kula, Maui, to learn about hula.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What is hula?

2) Why is “Liliʻu e” the first hula a student learns?

3) Hula is a family tradition for ʻAnakē Nāpua and her daughters. What are some family traditions that are important to you and your ʻohana? Are there some new traditions you would like to begin?

4) How is Hawaiian hula different from dances from other cultures?

5) In many of Hawaiʻi’s elementary schools, hula is part of May Day celebrations. Should more opportunities for hula be included throughout the year? Why or why not?

6) Hula requires strength, endurance, skill, and concentration. Think of a person in your class who is part of a hālau. Look at that person’s posture and ways of doing things. Ask about their hula practices and what they do to become strong and focused.


Video Vocabulary

1) kumu hula
hula teacher

2) kahiko
old; hula kahiko is traditional hula as opposed to hula ʻauana, or modern hula

3) maka

4) kuli

5) ʻōlapa

6) haku mele
composer or poet

7) poʻohiwi

8) manaʻo
thoughts, opinion


Guiding Questions