Huaka'i ne'ekau

Where did Hawaiians come from? Learn more at Nāonealaʻa, Oʻahu.

Unit lesson

Huakaʻi Neʻekau

Video Questions

1) Where is Kahiki? What does Kahiki refer to?

2) Why did Hawaiians travel so much between Hawaiʻi and Kahiki?

3) Have you or other members of your family visited other places or lived outside Hawaiʻi? What are some of the reasons for traveling to different parts of the pae ʻāina and the world?

4) For migration, how is a Hawaiian way of counting different from using specific years and dates?

5) If someone asked you where Hawaiians are from, how would you answer?

6) If you had some string and cloth, could you make a timeline representing your own life? What are some of the important memories, and when did they happen?


Video Vocabulary

1) ancestral homeland
land where your ancestors come from

2) horizon
place where earth meets sky

3) moʻokūʻauhau
genealogy, family tree

4) Papa
female goddess, "Earth Mother"

5) Wākea
male god, "Sky Father"

6) kupuna
grandparent, ancestor

7) ʻulu

8) evolve
change slowly over time


Guiding Questions