Sail on! Visit Kualoa, Oʻahu, to learn about Hawaiian navigation

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What are the main parts of a Hawaiian canoe?

2) Why does ʻAnakala Kālepa say the sailing canoe is a symbol of Hawaiian culture and intelligence?

3) If you were just out of high school and were invited to get on board the Hōkūleʻa, would you do it? Would you know what to do? Would you be excited? Afraid? Both?

4) What is the difference between modern and traditional navigation?

5) Should teachers be allowed to take students on sailing field trips? Why or why not?

6) Canoes used to be the main way to get from island to island. These days, if you were to sail to another island instead of taking a plane, what would you pack for the trip? Make a list and discuss it with your teacher or parent.


Video Vocabulary

1) hoʻokele
wayfinding, navigation

2) dynamic
having the ability to change and adapt; not static

3) mast
the upright part of the wa'a that holds the sails

4) captivate
hold one's attention, mesmerize

5) ʻike

6) confidence
trust and belief in oneself

7) hull
the hollow, floating lower part of the waʻa

8) cordage

9) akamai
smart, intelligent

10) noʻonoʻo
thoughts, thinking, ideas

11) navigation
the art and science determining and guiding the path of a waʻa or ship

12) compass
an instrument used to determine direction

13) poʻo

14) beacon
something that can be used as a guide or to determine direction

15) element
forces of nature, such as wind, sun, clouds, etc.

16) swell
a rise in the sea, a wave


Guiding Questions