He'e nalu

Surf’s up! Visit Keauhou to learn about Hawai‘i’s favorite water sport.

Unit lesson

Heʻe Nalu

Video Questions

1) Where was surfing invented? How did Hawaiians modify the ʻuma (chest) boards?

2) Why is heʻe nalu good for the whole body? What is the connection between surfing and nature?

3) Of all the people you know, who is the most avid surfer? In what ways does heʻe nalu strengthen your friendships and bring your ʻohana together?

4) What are some different kinds of surfboards and surfing styles? Do you need a surfboard to surf waves?

5) Do you think heʻe nalu should be an Olympic sport? Why or why not?

6) If you had only traditional materials, like wood and old-style dyes, what kind of surfboards would you design? Would the shape be different from today’s styles? Put some of your ideas down on paper.


Video Vocabulary

1) heʻe nalu

2) heʻe hōlua
hōlua sledding

3) century
a period of time, 100 years

4) millennium
a period of time, 1000 years

5) inherent
natural, built-in

6) papa heʻe nalu
surf board

7) kahiko

8) mauli ola


Guiding Questions