He'e hōlua

Ever heard of sleigh Hawai‘i? Come to Keauhou to learn more.

Unit lesson

Heʻe Hōlua

Video Questions

1) Where does hōlua sledding take place?

2) How would you explain hōlua to someone who doesn't know anything about it? Why are the papa hōlua (sleds) so narrow? What is the function of the pili grass?

3) Can you think of places in your neighborhood or on your island that might be suitable for hōlua sledding? What are some ways you could enjoy this sport even if you don't have an actual papa hōlua?

4) What is the difference between hōlua and sledding in other parts of the world?

5) Do you think the kahua hōlua (hillside for hōlua sledding) in Keauhou should be restored so it can be used again? If so, where should the funding come from?

6) If you wanted to make a papa hōlua, where would you get the materials? Could you do it without nails and screws? Try making a miniature papa hōlua with materials available at home and in the classroom.


Video Vocabulary

1) hōlua
Hawaiian sledding

2) ma kai
towards the ocean, seaward

3) hew
to cut or shape stone

4) friction
the rubbing of one object or surface against another

5) ke kino

6) kahua hōlua
the course that the papa hōlua slides on

7) papa hōlua
the “board” or hōlua sled

8) remnants
remains, parts still left

9) conflict
difference, struggle, battle

10) ʻāina

11) kai
ocean, sea

12) lashed
to tie or bind with cord

13) wao kele
wet upland forest

14) ʻaʻā
rough rocky lava

15) akamai
smart, clever


Guiding Questions