Ala hele

Get off the beaten path with Earl Kawaʻa on Molokaʻi.

Unit lesson

Ala Hele

Video Questions

1) What is an ala hele? Was the ala hele there before Kawaʻa’s time?

2) On Molokaʻi, what are some of the common reasons for people to use the ala hele? Why is it important to travel during the day?

3) The ala hele on Molokaʻi is an old footpath. What are some ala hele in your neighborhood? Where do they take you?

4) Do you think it takes more work to maintain roadways and sidewalks or an ala hele like the one on Molokaʻi? Who is in charge of maintenance?

5) In today's modern world, what is the value of an old footpath? Should natural environments be preserved? Why or why not?

6) Choose two places where you like to spend time working or playing in your neighborhood. Create a detailed map with an ala hele that connects these two places. What materials would you use to make the ala hele? Would you need help?


Video Vocabulary

1) ala hele
footpath, trail

2) loʻi
an irrigated patch for growing kalo

3) ma uka
upland, inland, towards the mountain

4) ʻulu

5) loina
customs, customary

6) mālama
to care for, take care of something


Guiding Questions