From the mountains to the sea . . . Molokaʻi style. Visit the Hālawa ahupuaʻa to learn more.

Unit lesson


Video Questions

1) What are the typical boundaries of an ahupuaʻa?

2) Why is the Hālawa ahupuaʻa such a fertile place?

3) An ahupuaʻa has plentiful resources for the whole community. What are some of the resources in your families and classrooms?

4) Which resources can be found in the ocean, and which can be found in the streams and valleys?

5) What does Kawaʻa mean when he says, “Hawaiian wealth is based on water”?

6) Who are some people you could ask to learn more about the name and resources of your ahupuaʻa?


Video Vocabulary

No vocabulary for this video


Guiding Questions