Lāʻau Chapter Vocabulary

1 ) adapt change in order to be better suited to one’s environment
2 ) adornments decorations; things that make something more beautiful
3 ) climates the general weather conditions of an area
4 ) endangered seriously at risk of becoming extinct
5 ) endemic native to a certain area
6 ) evolve to develop gradually into a more complex form
7 ) extinct having no living members
8 ) flitted moved swiftly and lightly
9 ) flourish to grow in a healthy way
10 ) habitat the natural home or environment of a living thing
11 ) inhabitant a person or animal that lives in a place
12 ) intruders something that enters uninvited and unwanted, often with ill intent
13 ) invertebrates animals without backbones
14 ) kāhili feather pole symbolizing royalty
15 ) moisture wetness
16 ) organisms creatures, living things
17 ) predator an animal that preys on other animals
18 ) regenerate regrow
19 ) reverence to have great respect for someone or something
20 ) sensors something that can detect
21 ) species a group of living things that are of the same kind and that can exchange genes or mate with one another
22 ) steroid a drug that improves strength and increases muscle
23 ) pū poʻohiwi ka pū lōʻihi a nā koa ma mua o ka pū laipala
24 ) pūʻuo iʻa ka pūʻulu iʻa
25 ) ʻaila ʻaʻalo paʻahau he ʻaila e pale ana i ka paʻa i ka hau
26 ) ʻalihi moana ka palena e hui ai ke kai me ka lani
27 ) ʻane halapohe ʻaneʻane pau ka lāhulu i ka make loa
28 ) ʻanona he hui o nā lālā i like kekahi mau welo
29 ) ʻākeke he mea i pau i ke ahi
30 ) ʻāpaʻakuma he ʻōiwi i kekahi wahi kikoʻī
31 ) ʻōhio nui o ka makani